Brahma Light Brahama

By Chicken Frenzie · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Chicken Frenzie

    Light Brahama Created by Chicken Frenzie
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    My light brahama, Sophie is VERY docile, nice, and loves to be played with. They lay medium sized eggs, which are light brown. They have feathers on their legs. They have peacombs, and are a joy to have around, and could sure make anyoe's flock look splended.





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    Sophie as a chick.​


    Sophie as a chick.​

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  1. Equine4Mom
    I was lucky enough to get 2 pullets in a rainbow egg layer collection from a hatchery, and could NOT be more pleased with these hefty birds! 4 months old in a few days, and I'm quite tempted to raise a few more already! These girls are STUNNING, I can't wait to post a picture for all. :)
  2. nancypo
    What a beauty! I just got one last night :)
  3. rftender
    hi i am looking to get more hens . do u still have some, i am new to this so im not shur how this works. thanks

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