Chicken Breed Info:
Breed Purpose:
Dual Purpose
Comb: Pea
Broodiness: Average
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:
Egg Productivity:
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Light Brown

Breed Temperament:
Friendly,Easily handled,Calm,Bears confinement well,Docile

Breed Colors / Varieties:
Light, Buff, Dark, Gold, Black, White, Blue,and Blue Columbian.
Breed Details:
I started breeding the standard Light Brahmas in spring of 2008. The Brahmas are a very friendly, docile breed. Neither one of my roosters have ever been aggressive with me. The hens are good layers of large brown eggs. So far, the Brahma chicks have been very easy to hatch, brood, and raise. This breed does very well in cold and hot weather. At around 7 weeks of age you can start to guess the genders of the chicks. At around 12 or so weeks of age you should know for sure the sexes of your chicks. The hens usually start laying around 5 months of age. My hens usually lay every other day.