Our Current Poultry Breeds

NPIP Certified Oklahoma # 3163
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Imported English Chocolate Orpingtons

12 Month Old Pair of Imported 100% English Chocolate Orpingtons. They lost some tail feathers on their trip here. They should grow out here in the next few weeks. I will Update with pictures when their feather grow back. These are 100% Marc Sarce Lineage.

Lavender Orpingtons -

Very Nice color, Great egg production, and great personalities!


10 12 week old Lavender Orpingtons 5 Roosters and 5 Females hatched here on the farm.

Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons -

Great Egg Producers, Very Large Birds, Great Coloring, Good Mothers

Buff Orpingtons - Offspring will be 1/2 Clevenger Line

Great Layers, Good Brooders when Allowed, and Dual Purpose I have a 1 Rooster over 7 hens ans I have Great fertility!

100% Clevenger Bloodline Rooster! He is still young but Fertile. He lost his tail feathers in travel but is starting to grow them back now.

O Shamo -

Black Red Stag with a Spangled Pullet and Black Pullet. Great fertility and good Layers!


KO Shamo

1 Trio is Wheaton and 1 is BBRed. Good layers of a small brown eggs and can become broody.

BBRed Trio

Wheaton Trio

Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers

Still chicks but are growing very fast!

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