Breeding Houses and Dedicated Coops

By SparkyCrows · May 19, 2014 · Updated May 20, 2014 ·
  1. SparkyCrows
    At last count I had 20 different potential living areas to house my birds - some dedicated to a specific flock and others for temporarily housing sub-sets of birds. I keep my broodies, my elderly, and my super itty bitties separate from the free-range flocks. There are two free-range houses where harems co-habitat overnight. What space is left over is used for seasonal projects.

    Here's the run down for May 2014

    1. Bantam Partridge Wyandotte House (Segregated) : BPW rooster, BPW hen, silver birchen frizzle cochin, blue patterned silver easter banty, double laced partridge easter banty
    2. Plymouth Rocks (Dedicated / Free range) : Black Barred Rock rooster, Black Barred hens, Blue Barred hens, Blue hens, Black Rock rooster, Blue Barred rooster, Split to Chocolate Rooster
    3. Tomatsu Project (Segregated) : Super Dads project w/ fibro straight comb; ~ Tommie, Mya, Blue-laced silchin, Blue laced barred crested silchin, gold laced blue silchin
    4. Shiro / Sebright House (Segregated) : Shiro plus elderly gold sebrights
    5. Aikiko House (Segregated) : Tamiko plus Aikiko project hens
    6. Calypso House (Dedicated / Free range) : Rapanui Project birds
    7. Copetona Complex (Dedicated / Free range)
    8. Blue Willow House (Segregated) : Walt, Chullu, Vyvyan, Olivia
    9. Free Range South / Swedish / Goose / Guinea House
    10. Free Range North
    11. North Free Range Holding Coop: hatchery mahogany EE pair
    12. East Holding Coop
    13. Mallard Coop
    14. Grow Out Coop Upstairs - Barboo & Lottie
    15. Group Out Downstairs
    16. Small Hutch "Hospital"
    16. Large Hutch "Hospital" - currently Willa's sister w broken pelvis

    In the wings:
    * Snowy Dawn with his d'uccle sweeties & Morning Glory

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