Breeding Pens

By DMRippy · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. DMRippy
    Welcome to My FREE Breeding Pens out of Pallets

    Ok not so free anymore, but the pallets were FREE and that was huge.

    When I get time I will make this a real page but for now this will have to do

    I hope that worked!
    If you have questions or want more info you can PM me or Post on the Thread!

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  1. kmollyhughes
    Love love love your pens. I keep showing my husband to get the creative juices flowing. "Look what her husband did" heehee
  2. littlechicklet
    Awesome! We are going to try a pallet coop this spring.
  3. jockeyeba
    Love the ideas, we too have plenty of pallets but none like the ones with just a frame, what originally came in that type of pallet?

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