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    Primarily I keep Bantam Cochins, Bantam Buff Orpingtons, and Silkies, but I am looking to expand my flock through this year and into next year, and I plan to include more color varieties of Cochins and Silkies as well as adding d'Uccles and several other Bantam varities that I am still deciding on. Here is a list of the colors I currently have and plan to breed Spring of 2010:
    White Cochins-White roo over Frizzle hen
    Black Mottled Cochins-Black Mottled roo over Black Mottled hen
    Blue and Black Cochins-Black Mottled roo over Splash hen
    Splash Cochins- Splash roo over Splash hens. I have 1 roo over 4 hens
    Barred Cochins
    I also have a Frizzled Black hen that I can cross with any of these colors
    Buff Orpingtons- I lost two of my three hens this winter, so I will be adding new hens this Spring. My birds are small and have wonderful temperments.
    White Silkies- I have a roo and one hen with walnut combs, and one hen with a small straight comb. All have excellent temperments, are bearded, and have their 5 toes. I have not yet bred them so I don't know whether their offspring will all be bearded or not.

    I also carry Standard sized birds, though at the moment I don't have a roo to match the hens. What I breed for with them is to get good, hearty egg layers. I am still checking fertility with them but should have eggs to offer by Spring. Here is what I have:
    Silver Cuckoo Maran Roo
    Australorp hen
    Two Amber Sexlink hens
    Two Welsummer/Americauna mixed hens
    Four Silver Laced Wyandotte hens

    Chicks in the bator as of 05/12/2010. Bantam Cochins and Cochin mixes. All will be for sale. So far I have 30+ eggs in the bator, and 24 of those are the Cochins. The rest are from my standard flock. PM me if you're interested in my chicks! See Sales Page for pics of my birds, or visit my website @

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