A bit about my birds. I will buid this page as I go and have more time.
The Sumatras: Sumatras are my love in the showing world. I love them for their long, full, flowing tails, full breast, and general uniqueness in the poultry world. I currently have only one pair and they are the lookers of my flock. My Hen is a lovely Blue and my Rooster is a shiney Black with three spurs on each leg. I love them dearly and they are very beautiful. I first purchased these two at a show in Washington. I have since fallen in love with the breed. I have had them for almost two years now and they have had many babies. My hen hatched her first batch of chicks this year and has raised many more chicks that weren't her own.
Seramas: Sir Ama and Midge are my Malaysian Seramas. They are the sweeties of the farm and have the most wonderful temperments. I love their small size and calm personalities. I enjoy my small birds and seramas are the smallest. I wanted to keep a few pets around to cuddle and enjoy while i was showing. These two are definitely spoiled pets.
Serama/cochin Crosses: I have recently developed these adorable chickens. They have feathered legs and fluff, but are tiny and compact. My hen, Zip is the sweetest chicken.