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By Breezy Acres · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Breezy Acres
    I have 3 bronze broadbreast turkeys (two toms and one hen), one royal palm hen and one bourbon red tom. Yesterday, one of the bronze toms started looking a little droopy and had diarreah. Today, he is very lathargic, sleepy and the classic yellow watery diarreah. I pulled him away from the others, isolated him in his own cage, and came in and googled his symptoms. He matches all the signs of black head. I let them free range on my 5 acre farm and they hang out with the hens in the barn. Even when I seperated them into their own run in the pasture, the chickens just went up and over the fencing. What do I do to heal my tom? Is there a vaccination so everyone can live together and stay healthy?

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