My name is Tracie. I am new to this forum. We recently purchased several Blue Laced Red Wynadottes, Americaunas, Silkies and Polish. This is the first time we have had chickens.
On Saturday a neighbor's dog got into our yard and attacked several of our hens. It killed my favorite Americauna, and injured 3 others. It looks like 2 are mostly just in shock and we are keeping them in the house and warm. The third one, which is also in the house appears to be very injured. I need advice on whether we are prolonging her misery or if there is any hope. She is a Wynadotte, about 6 months old. She had blood on her but not a lot. She is hanging her neck upside down. I assume it's not broken as she is still alive. She will take water in small doses. Her poop is a bit runny and she is not going very often. I've given her pellets melted in water and she will drink a little of that. Her eyes are closed most of the time. She is still most of the time but moves occasionally. She doesn't seem able to support her head.
Like I said, we have very little experience with chickens. We are vegetarian and don't want to kill one, but if she is suffering needlessly we would put her out of her misery. Has anyone ever encountered an injury that resulted in these kinds of symptoms?

PS We have the rest of the chickens secured from future attack.