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By Bridy Man · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Bridy Man
    Under Coopstruction by Bridy Man for Broody Hen
    I have been building my first coop for 5 std hens (23 sq ft), plus an attached run (100 sq ft.) since Sept '08. It's a craftsman style henhouse that matches our house and garage. See my other pages for a month by month view of my progress building phase 1 of the coop and run. Phase 2 will extend the run from 60 sq ft to 120 sq ft. I expect to be done in spring '10 making this a 1 1/2 years project.​
    Here are the future occupants in their brooder:
    From left to right: Star (Barred Rock), Chickipoo (Black Australorp), Chickimunk (Golden Laced Wyandotte), Tallulah (Buff Orpington), Fluffy (Light Brahma)
    Tallulah was the first to lay eggs. First egg and two weeks later:

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