I am new to this blog and I haven't gotten my good enough pictures of my flock to post. As of today, I have two 11 week old Easter Eggers(pullets), six 4 week old Easter Eggers(unsexed), two 2 week old silkies(unsexed), and one 2 week old mix(unsexed, but named chex mix). I wanted a hobby where I could get something in return and because I am an animal lover, I chose to raise chickens for eggs and entertainment. I made my coop out of a small barn my father built for a single Holstein cow I won at the Delaware State Fair. She moved on to a large dairy farm with friends to co-mingle with. My chicken barn, as I call it, is almost complete; I just need some netting on the top and some chicken wire along the bottom.

I also have a pitbull named Dually, a black lab named Dollie, and two cats; one named Ashes and the other named Tilt. My father has two chicken farms in Delaware, so I have been around chickens for a good part of my life. I am going to take pictures of my chicken barn as soon as it is 100% complete, once I figure out how to fully use my new camera.