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I love Broody hens, I really do. Until I buy an incubator, theyre what Im relying on to hatch chicks too, since every incubator Ive tried to make has been a Fail. (Im incubator challenged) I ordered my chicks from Ideal and got them March 17, 2010, and Ive of course added various odd chickens since then. This was their first spring, and I was hoping for a few broodies. What did I get? Like ten!! This is more for me then them, Id like to keep up with who's broody or not, and everything. :]

This is by far one of my best broodies. Shes a 2010 Buff cochin bantam. Mid-summer she hatched out 8 chicks, and now she's broody agian this fall on 11 eggs. Shes a great mom, her only problem is she always goes broody in the corner of my hay area.


This is Tansy, and 2010 BO. In late spring she hatched out 9 chicks. Good mom, but pecks people around her chicks.

This is a 2010 Black Australorp. She hatched out three chicks, but got in a huge fight with a RIR and destroyed the rest of her clutch and refused to raise the chicks, who got fostered to Yoshi. She might be a good mom, might not. She set well.

This is Yoshi!! She's a 2010 Black Shamo hen. She hatched six chicks and is fostering three more. So far she's a great mom, she's only had them for a week. She went broody late in the summer/early fall.

This is a 2007 California White hen. She went broody early summer, hatched out three chicks, and now she's broody agian. (late summer/fall). She's setting on seven or eight eggs since she's so small. Thats Tansy in the picture, they were fine with raising the chicks in the same brooder cage.

The 2010 Delaware pullet out front in this picture was the first hen to go broody. She hatched out 7 chicks in late spring.

My adorable 2010 Blue Quail Belgian d'Anvers hen. As hard as I try, I cant manage to keep her in the pen. Ive cut her wing, checked for holes, everything. She dissapeared in the middle of the summer and after two weeks I thought somthing must have got her. However, she came back home with two little chicks in tow.

Not pictured (yet): A black Cochin who deserves to be here. she actually died in a dog fight, but her three chicks made it to safety. A Partridge Chantecler who hatched four chicks, and another buff cochin banty with one chick.
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