broody hen not eating, drinking, pooping.

By gokuchickey · Aug 10, 2018 ·
  1. gokuchickey
    my broody hen ( Wyandotte) has been sitting on her fertile eggs for quite some time, I don’t know when but ever since she sat on her eggs she wouldn’t eat, drink or poop at all. I’ve tried to hand feed her but she’d fly away to sit back on her eggs, it’s been over 4-5 days and I’m getting worried, should I let her be ?
    [ I’ve noticed whenever my hens are broody their face gets pale and their comb color fades alittle ? ] here’s a picture of he Broody Wyandotte [ the one in the nesting box ] and here’s a picture of my other Wyandotte that isn’t broody. Is this normal ?

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  1. Eon69nc
    She will come off when she is ready, their body changes and they don't require food/water and will get up to relieve themselves when necessary.
  2. ChickNanny13
    You should repost this in the Behavior & Laying forum for faster response.
  3. Texas Kiki
    1. gokuchickey

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