Broom's Farm
Mooresville, Indiana
Home of 6 Humans, 2 Dogs, 1 Cat & 8 New Chickens


This is our starter coop. Still in progress will post pix when it is finished.

This is our first time raising chickens. We wanted to do it as an experiment and for the eggs. We have what we think are 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Easter Eggers, 2 Golden Comets, and 2 Silver Laced Wyondottes.
Funny thing is what started out as a simple project has turned into a great adventure, lol. We bought our day old chicks in late March and put them in the coop with a warming light on May 2nd.
Below are the pixs of the building of the coop and the chicks.

Here are the chicks after they were moved to the coop this weekend 5/1/09

Found out we do have one Rooster (Silver laced) So his new name is Short Timer, lol. All the chickens are changing a little each day. It is cool to see how much they have grown. The kids can hold them all without much squwaking.


June 21st update: Everything is going well. the girls are free ranging now and loving it. We did lose our adventurous barred rock. I think she wandered to close to our youngest dog who is on a wireless collar. When we found her there were no bite marks, tearing or feathers missing so we think she was played to death. So we are keeping a close eye on the rest. I have put golf balls in the nesting boxes but they don't seem too interested in them. Plan on posting new pix shortly. Big Momma (one of our ameracanas) has a full beard, lol. She looks really wild! Will post newer pix shortly as they have gotten so much bigger.