New to backyard chicken. I am married. Have two adult children and two adult step-children. Have 11 Grand children. The oldest is 17, A Girl, Kaitlynn, who lives with us. She is a sweetheart. The others are 16 to 11 months.
I have 2 horses, a past race horse named Jet and a Palimino named Star Light, one American Buckeye Rooster and 11 hens, 6 black ducks...used to have twenty but a family of foxes meved in and had them all for dinner., 3 rabbits and 2 dogs...An alaskan Huskie that looks more like a wolf. He is so sweet. His name is Fang, because he looks like the dog in the movies, but he is prettier and a Botson Terrier/Chihuahua.
We live betwen cities, in Oklahoma. Guess you could the country. We have a two acre pond and 9 acres. Would love to live in Canada, Colorado or New Mexico, by Red River. Thank you for visiting my page

Have been trying all day to upload photos....but havent been successful :(
Have a Great Day!