Brunswick Maine Growth Zone Chicken Ordinance (does not affect rural areas)

Are Chickens Allowed in BrunswickYes
Max Chickens Allowed6 Females
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredYes
Coop RestrictionsHenhouse must be clean, at least 10 feet away from property lines, in the rear of the property, and cannot be made of scrap materials, sheet metal, etc.
City/Organization Contact nameTown Clerk 28 Federal Street - Brunswick, Maine 04011 Tel 207-725-6658 Fax 207-725-6663
Additional InformationOrdinance Amendment states that only 6 hens, any breed, may be kept for personal reasons. The chicken enclosure must be located in the rear of the yard, at least 10 feet away from the property line. They must be kept in a secure henhouse or pen area at all times. The hens must be secured in the henhouse during non-daylight hours, and the henhouse must be clean, have latchable doors and windows, with predator or bird-proof wire of no less than 1 inch openings. The henhouse must be well-maintained and kept clean. All stored manure must be covered by a fully enclosed structure with a roof line or lid over it. The chicken enclosure must be kept clean and odor-free, in a manner that will not disturb neighboring properties. Licences are required, cost 10 dollars, and must be renewed yearly before they expire annually on the last day in April. Late fees of 10 dollars if the license is not renewed on time. License is issued by the town clerk after favorable inspection by the Brunswick Animal Control Officer or designee. Violations of the ordinance may result in a fine not exceeding 100 dollars per instance (each day is counted as a separate instance), and are civil violations. Violations of the order or license may also be grounds for an order from the Codes Enforcement Officer to remove the chickens and chicken-related structures. Also, if a chicken dies, it must be disposed of promptly in a sanitary manner. Outside slaughtering of chickens is prohibited.
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