I stumbled upon chickens, really. I began growing vegetables and herbs a couple of months ago as I was really getting into my cooking at the time, and it was something to do. When looking for an answer as to whether store-bought pepper seeds would yield fruit I came across the online diary of a retired smallholder who published some great stories about her chickens. As I read more I quickly fell in love with the idea of keeping chickens and thought that they fit perfectly with the ideal of self-sufficiency - if you're going to grow your own fruit and vegetables then why not produce your own eggs too?
Since then I've visited as many chickens as I can and I've fallen in love with the birds themselves. I love the gorgeous plumage on the roosters, the soft fluffy feathers of Buff Orpingtons, the striking patterns on breeds such as the Hamburg, and the soft little squeaks of curious bantams. And don't even get me started on freshly hatched chicks. I had one of the most thoroughly heart-melting moments of my life yesterday when two tiny chicks fell asleep in my hands.
I can't wait to start my own flock.