Here Lies the spot of a great rooster. One who always looked out for his hens and was a great rooster to be around. He was a handsome bird and always my favorite.

R.I.P. Bucky R.I.P.

It was about 2 months ago that I heard squaking and screeching in our pen so I ran out and I saw all the hens running in the coops and Bucky with blood covered all over him. I also saw a coon. Bucky was fightning the coon. I tried to get in there but my parents stopped me because they didn't want me to get hurt by the coon. So all I could do was watch and wait till my brother got home from the shooting range to kill the coon. by the time Chad (my bro) got home I knew the time for Bucky was little. Chad "executed" the coon and we got Bucky out of the run. It was not much but a hour later that Bucky had passed. He died protecting his hens. I don;t know what other rooster would do that. Bucky was the best rooster I have ever had. R.I.P. Bucky.
Here are some more of his pics.




As all people should, we must look forward to the future. We now have a new rooster in command. Bucky's son B.J. Also his new sidekick we adopted named Phoenix. Here are who is taking Bucky's place.


Bucky's son B.J.


Phoenix the 2nd roo in command.

R.I.P. Bucky R.I.P.
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