Buddy And Rob

By flyons · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. flyons

    One day in July 2004, my daughter went out for run and almost stepped on a baby bird. She picked it up, brought it home and gave it to me expecting me to be it’s Mama. She knows me so well. I had no idea what type of bird it was, only that it needed my help. I made a nest out of a Tupperware container filled with straw. I hand-fed the baby bird bread soaked in Gator Aid along with cat food. The feedings began at the break of day and continued until sundown.
    The baby bird thrived, and pretty soon I knew he was a robin. As he got bigger, my cockatiel Buddy flew over to him and made friends; although I think Buddy was more interested in chewing on the straw than building a relationship wtih Rob.
    Once Rob started "spreading his wings” I decided to keep him outside on the umbrella table in his Tupperware container (with a cookie rack on top). After a few days I removed the rack and Rob would jump/fly in and out of the cake tub. I was still hand feeding him, even though he was spending more time in the surrounding trees instead of hisTupperware nest. Towards the end I was throwing Gator Aid soaked bread up on the umbrella; Rob would fly down and eat it. One day, no more Rob, and of course I was very sad.
    Now when I see a robin who seems to look me in the eye I think…”Rob?”…
    I believe he lived happily ever after.

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