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Budget Brooder

By ctroyer · May 8, 2013 ·
  1. ctroyer
    Budget Brooder.jpg After a lot of research on chickens it was time to take the plunge. First we needed to buy or build a brooder. Using all scraps pieces of lumber we were able to create something that works perfectly. The brooder has an internal floor space of 2 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 2 feet tall. It is a simple box design with a wood panel used for the floor under the pine pellets. The side panels are left over pegboard and as they get older I will create a wire lid to keep them inside.
    We used an old broom handle to be our lamp holder allowing us to raise or lower as needed. Zip ties were used to keep the broom stick in place as well as extra security on the lamp just incase it came loose.

    We recently had some branches fall off a tree in our back yard and along with scrap 2x4 blocks we created a little jungle gym for our 3 week old chicks. We have a Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, & an Ameraucana. They are already taking to roosting and love jumping up on the blocks. [​IMG]
    Three happy chicks and the only money we spent was on the thermometer, feeders, and heat lamp. Hope you enjoy!
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