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Bufforpingtonfans Member Page

  1. bufforpingtonfan
    Hello I got 2 khaki campbell ducks, 1 ameraucana rooster 1 buff orpington pullet getting more chickens whick will be buff orpingtons white laced red cornish polish mottled houdan ameraucanas, and a mixed flock. I also have 1 hereford heifer thats going to have a calf around march 3 A red belted calf and a black belted cow and 20 other cows 2 angus bulls 2 limousin bulls we got 20 calves about halve of them are heifers that we will keep for the angus bulls and were selling the limousin bulls for next year showing im showing 4 duroc hogs and 4 crossbred hogs 1 or 2 market lambs and will be showing my heifer as a cow calf pair.

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