Buffy's Rose Cottage

By CarolinaHens · Jun 24, 2013 · Updated Jul 11, 2013 · ·
  1. CarolinaHens
    I know our coop looks a little over the top, but we always plan ahead. Right now my plan is to ALWAYS have chickens, but if we decide later on in life to not have chickens this will make a wonderful playhouse for the grands or a nice "girl cave" for me.

    We currently have 13 Buff Orpingtons that are 5 weeks old.

    The finished project.


    Rented a trencher to get power and water out and enable him to
    put 1/2 in hardware mesh down 18 inches around the coop and run.


    Our deck for the 10 x 8 coop and the 8 x 16 run.


    We have walls and trusses!!!! So exciting to see it come together.

    Nesting boxes with Kitty Litter boxes as removable, washable nests.

    Nesting boxes and vent covered with 1/2 hardware mesh.

    Leading out to the run. Wiring is for a future pop door.


    Outside access to nesting boxes.

    Roost and droppings board filled with PDZ

    Automatic fan that kicks on when it reaches a certain temp


    My chicken whisperers feeding the girls mealworms.

    Here are a few pictures of the overall final project.

    The view from my patio


    That tree really helps keep it shaded

    DH hanging with the girls


    8 x 16 ft run


    Vents in the overhang to help keep it cool.

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  1. joan1708
    Now that's PINK!
  2. joan1708
    Sooo nice! Can't wait to see the inside.
  3. gkleing3
  4. Whittni
  5. MelissaTXRn
    that's great! wish my husband was a contractor. lol
  6. CarolinaHens
    Thanks nannie. I have been reading BYC for a couple of years and have gotten so much great information off here.
  7. nannie
    very nice.your babies seem to be in very good hands

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