Buschie's Dozen

Little farm 30 acres some chickens and cows and fields of corn and soybean----- and hungery folks that love eggs and chicken and choice beef.

i have the following breeds: 8 americanas, 5 buff orpingtons, 3 black aus., 4 barred rock, 5 buff minorica, , 4 light brahma, 2 crosses sumatra 7 polish 2 black langshan 2 black jersey giant 2 white jersey giant and( 1roosters:: i have grand champion 2011 dubuque iowa white jersey giant) .3 RIR,10 unknows and 7cochins also 2 being roosters

bantys are 5 hens and 1rooster
silkies- 2 white 3 black and 3 buff and two frizzle roosters
ducks--- rouens to be exact 4 drakes and 3 hens and 1 magpie duck

just workin on chick order for 2012 year going to get some new birds and get the flock back up in size over 100 like i had it a couple years back, buff orpingtons 10 pullets and 30 pullets americanas, 20 pullets buff minoricas ,15 pullets light brahmas,15 welsummer pullets,15 brown leghorn pullets,sounds good to me then ill get some new roosters also at least 2 of each breed 12 - 15 roosters for 105 hens 7-9 hen per rooster thats good for me