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    My name is Amy. I am 27 years old, and am venturing into the realm of raising chickens. My boyfriend Hunter and I bought our first house last summer and moved ourselves, 4 cats (we now have 5) and all of Hunter's Labrador Retrievers plus Riley (he's a golden retriever). Hunter is a dog breeder/trainer and you can find his dogs at www.TwilightRetrievers.com. We have roughly 8 acres, 2 of which are designated solely for the dogs. We also are planning on planting an orchard in the fall which will also take up between 1 and 2 acres. With Hunter's obsession with Labs and all things dog, I decided to find something constructive to do with my time. What I didn't realize was that chickens were soooo adictive!!

    We currently have the following breeds/colors: That I will be breeding and selling eggs/chicks in the spring...
    Silkies (Blue and Partridge)

    Bantam Cochins(Blue, Silver Laced, White, Black/Lavender Splits, Red Partridge, hopefully Blue Laced Reds)
    Lavender Orpingtons
    Gold Cuckoo Marans
    Black Copper Marans
    LF English Black Orpingtons
    Buff Orpingtons
    Seramas (chocolate based)
    Mille Fleur D'Uccles
    Polish (Gold laced (I need a hen or 3) and silver laced)

    Purely for Egg Laying:
    Easter Eggers
    Black Australorps
    Production Reds

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