I came to BYC to learn about raising chickens. It's something I've always wanted to do. I'm reading the forum and finding all the necessary features of a coop. Also, what I need to know about caring for the birds. It's interesting how a person quickly develops more questions and comes to realize there is a lot more about the subject than first suspected.
I'm a retired old fart from the western point of Lake Superior in Minnesota, USA. I have a cabin 30 minutes away where I spend as much summer as I can. I love to tinker, so I'm always inventing a reason for another shed, a new dock, something to build. When I take a break I like to sit on the little cabin deck and watch the birds and squirrels. Having a snort while I sit and watch is not out of the question.
In the long, cold winter I stay home and tinker, most of the time in the garage. Usually I work with wood. I do it more for the enjoyment of it than anything else. Recovering materials costs by way of a sale or two is nice, but that's not the focus of my projects.
I also enjoy cooking a bit in the winter. Usually it's some soul warming dish like boiled dinner, a new form of dirty rice, chicken and curry, stir frying, or turkey vegetable soup.
We have a deck just off the kitchen, and I like to watch the birds at my feeders.

On a small, quiet lake in Minnesota (that will remain nameless), there is an unassuming little cabin. .... and the photo to the right is a view of my point, approaching from the south. That's my dock on the right. The dock to the left is the only other human on our side of the lake. Can you see the Bald Eagle in the dead top of a tall pine at upper right?