Chicken Jane (Golden Comet) - Acquired June 7, 2010, Covington, IN

Died July 7, 2010 - cause unknown. Swollen abdomen, but nothing felt hard to the touch. Other chickens apparently unaffected.
100_3344-1.jpg Jane.jpg

Strawberry (Golden Comet) - Acquired June 7, 2010 Covington, IN
First Egg collected 6/13/2010 - probably not first egg laid
100_3534.jpg 100_3531.jpg

Belle (mixed breed)- Acquired June 7, 2010, Covington, IN
First Egg 6/28/2010 (smaller egg)
100_3536.jpg 100_3525.jpg

Vincent and Pansy (Australorps) - Acquired June 22, 2010, Shepherdsville, IN (Can't tell them apart yet)

100_3539.jpg 100_3529.jpg