We 'd end up being vegetarian on the area if many of us believed about the conditions in which chickens used for meat and eggs are raised and slaughtered. Egg-laying chickens can be raised in cages with 6 chickens to a cage, each chicken getting just 67 square inches of space for its lifetime.

Unless they're certified and identified as being organic or free-range or natural, they might have been fed development hormones to get them to slaughter quicker, and prescription antibiotics to combat the diseases which come from being raised in confined and less clean conditions.

And consider what the recommendations are for cleaning up after touching poultry? It's recommended to clean surfaces with bleach to eliminate germs, and to wash your hands thoroughly after touching a chicken.

Do you actually want to put something into your body that requires bleach to clean up after? Something that needs to be prepared to particular temperatures to be sure you've killed any bacteria that could make you sick?

Chickens and turkeys have ended up being so mass-produced and injected with antibiotics and hormones that there's no taste to it anymore, so why trouble? Even the most humanely treated chicken has actually either been stunned in a salt water before being beheaded. In John Robbins outstanding book and video, Diet for a Small Planet, he shows us pictures of chickens being grabbed in groups by the neck and tossed into cages. Can you truly think about consuming a chicken with that vision in your head?

Any ways of mass-producing animals for human consumption is by its very nature unhealthy and terrible for the animals, and unhealthy for human beings also. Even if you're of the opinion that humans are a natural hunter, how natural is it to eat an animal that's been raised in captivity and fed a diet of hormones and antibiotics?