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caj1985 Swap page

By caj1985 · Nov 19, 2012 · Updated Jun 22, 2014 ·
  1. caj1985
    Just a page to keep track of my swaps and what I have available to swap.

    Swaps I owe:

    Swaps owed to me:

    1. Hallfamilyfarm - eggs in exchange for two Arkansas Blues pullets
    2. Wayne813 - 12 Swedish Flower Hens (from 2 swaps)
    3. Wayne813 - 6 Wheaten Marans
    4. John farmer - 6 German New Hampshire 1/17 changing to Welsummer no longer has GNH
    5. Wayne813 - 6 Jubilee Orps
    6. Wayne813 - 6 SulmtalerMadamwlf - legbar trio
    7. Redbrush Farm - 12+ Serama & 6 Sebrights spring changed to OEGB
    8. BigFamily4Me (Crazy Online) 6 Wheaten Marans
    9. 202roosterland post #6131 6 RIR

    I have the following purebreds laying now:
    Arkansas Blues quad of splash cockerel over blue, black and splash hens (May 2012 hatch)
    HRIR Underwood lines from Jim Heinz quad plus extra cockerel (1 SC, 1 RC)
    Salmon Faverolle pair
    Rhodebar quad

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