Coop #1
Cheyennes Coop

Some leftover wood from other projects.

We made the floor and sis asked me if we were done!

Attached legs to the floor.

Cross pieces for the roof.

Adding the walls and the roof basic frame.

Another angle of work.

Built the nest boxes and put on the back wall.

Sis working hard to help attach the nesting boxes!!

Another view of nest boxes.

Cut the pop door hole and got some metal for the roof.

The lid for the nest box.

Got the door made and attached!

A view of the inside with the door open.

Finally put the metal roofing on.

I also put metal on the lid of the nest box.

I added a bar for the nest entry!

I found a handle from a BBQ grill in my shed so we made use of it!!!

An inside view of the coop, showing the roosts.

Another view of the roosts.
The coop is not complete yet, and I will post more pics as soon as we get more time to complete.
So far we only spent about $90 for the roofing and siding, everything else we found or had available in the!
If you think its rough satisfying your wife, you should try working for a 10 year old daughter!!!

Will post more soon!