Calcium levels?

  1. DuckWhisperer06
    I have a Pekin who is roughly 30 weeks old, and started laying 3-4 weeks ago. Our chickens started laying around the same time she did and I feed them all the same food(Ranch Pro layer crumbles I believe, we get most of our food from Atwood’s). I have seen signs of extra calcium on chicken eggs and signs of low calcium in some of the duck eggs.

    My main questions are:

    1.) How can I lower the calcium level or intake with my chickens?

    2.) Can I give my duck anything that will raise her calcium level? If so, what and how would I give it to her? I’ve seen some people who just use a hanging feeder to put calcium supplements in but how would I keep the chickens from eating them if they don’t need any(or will they decide that on their own?)?

    3.) Should I be giving the ducks different food than the chickens? Will that help sort things out so I don’t have to use calcium supplements?

    4.) Can I give my duck oyster shells? I’ve heard that is a good supplement but I’m not sure if it can be used for ducks.


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  2. MROO
    This is oversimplified, but a thread is a conversation, while an article is sharing information (how-to's, explanations, and the like) or posting pictures - like Show-and-Tell for bird-addicts!
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    1. DuckWhisperer06
      Ok,sorry I’m new and still learning.
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  3. Yorkshire Coop
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    1. DuckWhisperer06
      Ok thanks. How is the thread different than the article? I’m new and still learning
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    2. Yorkshire Coop

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