California Breeders & Hatcheries

An Updated List of breeders and hatcheries in California.
By child_of_air · Jul 21, 2018 ·
  1. child_of_air
    California-Outline-and-Flag.png For those of us in California, finding breeders and hatcheries can be more of a challenge, as the most popular breeders and hatcheries are typically located across the country. In this article I will be outlining breeders and hatcheries that are located in California for people that prefer to deal locally. I'll be updating this list as I get to know more breeders, feel free to PM me or post to add any additional contacts. I have not personally done business with any of these contacts.

    Northern California

    Papa's Poultry, Redding:
    Orpingtons, Brahmas, Legbars, Marans, Bantams and more.

    Mill Valley Chickens, Mill Valley:
    Many rare and standard breeds, coops, supplies.

    Alchemist Farm & Garden, Sebastopol:
    Legbars, Welsummer, Ayam Cemani, Olandsk Dwarf, Silked Serma, etc.

    Norcal Poultry Association:
    Breeders association with upcoming show info dates and more.

    TF Poultry, Magalia: (facebook page):
    Specializing in rare breeds.

    Southern California

    Hilltop Farms, Corona:
    Leghorns, Orpingtons, Australorp, Rhode Island Reds, Barnevelder, etc.

    Lost Creek Chickens, Santa Clarita: (661) 208-9501
    Ayam Cemani, French Black Copper Marans, Leghorns, Brahmas, etc.

    Dare 2 Dream Farms, Lompoc:
    Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Easter Eggers and more.

    California Hatchery, Rancho Cucamonga:
    Many rare and standard breeds, ducks, turkey, etc.

    OC Seramas, Orange County:
    Seramas breeders only.

    Amber Waves, Norco:
    Beared Bantam Silkies only.

    AV Bird Hatchery, Lancaster:
    Eggs, Wyandottes, Australorps, Welsummers, duck, etc.

    Sunny Side Up Ranch, Rancho Cucamonga:
    Eggs, Brahmas, Ameracauna, Frizzle, Cochin, Silkies, Marans, Orpingtons.

    Chicken Couture, Corona, CA (facebook page):
    Orpingtons, Cochins, Silkies, Marans, Brahmas, Brakels, Brabanters, etc.

    DDR The Chickens, Temecula: (facebook page)
    Crested Cream Legbar, Marans, Olive Eggers.

    Central California

    Belt Hatchery, Fresno:
    Orpingtons, Australorps, Wyandottes, Seabrights, Leghorns, etc.

    Sunbird Farms:
    Eggs, Black Copper Marans, Isbar, Delaware, Ixworth, etc.

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