[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]TRACY's Hen House

[FONT=comic sans ms,sand] Well how does a city girl become the proud momma of 4 baby chickens..........She has a persuasive husband and 2 boys with good puppy dog eyes. What started out being a 12 dollar investment has grown into a wonderful family affair. From building a backyard chicken coop (AKA the condo) to sitting out every evening with chickens running amuck and roosting on our heads it has quickly become a family obsession.[/FONT]
We bought 4 baby chicks (lets hope they are all pullets) from the local feed store. Now for the past month we have been busy guessing and researching what breeds they might be. We think we got it narrowed to 2 Easter Eggers a Buff Rock and a Jersy Giant. Since we live in town we are hoping they are all little girls but know we might be finding homes for a few of our new friends. (Lets hope not because momma has grown attached!!!!)
Here is a pick of the babys right after we brought them home:

A week later......Dang not a good week!


And today!