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PAST EVENTS: Silicon Valley Tour de Coop September 21, 2014

Second "Almost" Annual
Friends of a Feather Poultry Party
Turlock, CA
May 18, 2014

Come join like-minded poultry lovers and flock together for a day full of feathers, friends and fun!

Karen aka Sewandgrow is once again opening her home in the Central Valley for a gathering of fellow BYCers and other enthusiasts. There are plans for many fun and informational things to do along with a whole lot of socializing. Festivities include a potluck, raffle (donations welcome), demonstrations and a buy/sell/swap area. Pool area will be open for swimming. Along with the popcorn cart, Karen has added a snowcone maker and cotton candy machine for everyone's munching enjoyment!

Date: Sunday May 18th
Time: 11am until ?
Location: will PM address

To help with planning, please RSVP to @sewandgrow

We will continue to update this page & first two posts with information as we get it. Be sure to check back periodically for new details. Please post on this thread or PM @sewandgrow with any questions or suggestions. We can also use this to list birds or items we will have available (see post #2 below).

Potluck Lunch: Karen will be providing the main meat dish. Everyone is requested to bring a side dish and their drinks. If possible, post what you will be bringing so we can try to have a variety of foods. The list will be updated in post #3 below.

Raffle: We will be having a raffle with some fantastic prizes. We are asking all those attending to assist with this and please donate items to make the raffle even better and more exciting. For each donated item, you will receive a raffle ticket.

Prizes so far include:
  1. A mini fodder feeder setup
  2. An outdoor greens box with wire top preplanted with organic pasture mix
  3. A PVC photo box with drapes
  4. A collection of "Chicken" greeting cards
  5. A pair of "Chicken" earrings
  6. Hatching eggs
  7. Rooster-themed Kitchenware
  8. Poultry Waterer Nipples

Demonstrations: Several knowledgeable speakers will be giving brief presentations on various topics. If you would like to share information, please let us know.

On the schedule:
  1. Sprouted grains
  2. Black Soldier Flies
  3. Incubation
  4. Fodder feeders
  5. Dying chicks (with food dye)

Swap/Sale/Trade/Free: There will be an area set up for swapping, selling, trading and/or "rehoming" of birds or poultry-related items/equipment. We encourage everyone to do presales and make as many arrangements ahead of time as possible. ALL animals MUST be in crates or cages. Be sure to have water dishes for them (& feed). If you are bringing birds, we ask that you either bring a table or a tarp to put underneath them - no contact with the ground. We'd like to leave Karen's yard as poop-free as possible and keep all birds from picking anything up or spreading anything to others. Which leads to bio-security concerns...

This is not intended to offend anyone or directed at anyone, it is simply to keep all of our birds as safe as we possibly can.

  1. Birds should be monitored for any signs of illness several weeks ahead of time. DO NOT BRING SICK BIRDS or ones that have been sick.
  2. Be sure to check for mites, lice and/or fleas and treat accordingly
  3. Use hand sanitizer BEFORE & AFTER handling birds

If you plan to sell/swap/buy, bring extra boxes or crates. Bringing your own chairs and tables is recommended.