This is by far my favorite breed of my 13+ breeds that I own. They lay TONS of LARGE white eggs, are VERY friendly and I think they are beautiful. They are not a meat bird because there is no meat on them. They have always laid in our nesting boxes unlike some of our other breeds that lay elsewhere. They are not skittish like leghorns are. They are white, which means that if you have a lot of predators and let your chickens free range then you might lose more than if they were barred like a BR.
If you have any Q. at all on this breed then feel free to PM me at matthewschickens on BYC.
I will try to post more pics of our other hens as time goes on!

This is out roo!

This was and still is our favorite hen that we named Rooster because we thought she was a rooster untill she layed and egg!

Another one of Rooster!