Hi all,My name is Angela and I am a first-timer in raising chickens. So far things has gone well and we've had great fun watching and learning how this all works. I have wanted chickens for what seems like, forever!!! And finally, this spring I decided I was ready. I ordered them from Mypetchicken.com this past March and all my friends laughed at me when I told them that they came in the mail, well, picked them up at the post office.
I have two beautiful daughters, ages 10 and 5 and 5 lovely hens and one very loving, patient husband...he likes them too. Dot, a Plymoth Barred Rock; Puff, a Light Brahma; Blacky, an Austrolop; Rocky, the silver-laced Wyandott, and Easter, the easter egger. Oh yes, they all have names and are just like pets and are finally all laying. We are getting 3 to 4 eggs a day. My daughters love collecting the eggs each day when they get home from school.

The coop is a recycled Playhouse the wasn't being used. My husband built a platform for it so "the girls" could get under it to escape the heat and sun during the summer. The trees have since filled in since we built the coop and there is plenty of shade. He was worried about the coop blowing over in high winds..sometimes we have hurricans blow through... We live in South Louisiana. So the platform is built like a small deck with cemented posts and cinder blocks. Don't think it's going anywhere soon. Because it was sooooo hot this summer I kept a box fan blowing on the hens to help keep them cool and we ran a hose to the coop to keep a fresh supply of water, too. I bought one of those expensive automatic waterers, well worth it. We can leave and not worry that they are without water. And I don't have to run out to the coop several times a day to make sure they have water. Also, I have since built a nicer ladder for the chickens to walk on. The one in this picture is quite pathetic but it was done in a hurry.