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    Campbell Hatchery is taking orders of Rhode Island Red and California White day old chicks.


    I don't whisper to the chickens, but I do sell them for less than $5each! Don't be conned into paying a membership fee

    These are GREAT petstore sellers, If you don't carry chickens in your pet store or feed store you're missing out!

    Rhode Island Reds and California Whites are used in commercial egg production, and are some of the best brown and white egg layers respectively. The RIRs are full sized. Ask about sex-links! I can get the silver-gold (called sil-gos or golden comets) I don't breed any atm but can get some wholesale in the month of march.

    We are located 30 minutes west of Atlanta, 6 minutes off exit 19 of I-20.

    Orders of less than 100 you need to bring your own box for transport. I only have one size of boxes.

    These ARE sexed.


    Pullets $1.95

    Cockerels $1.40

    Straight run $1.65

    Additional Charges and Discounts:

    Split order (specific number of pullets/cockerels) $7.00ea breed

    Orders of 1000 or more - subtract 5% of total

    First orders will be available March 3rd. Production is limited so order today!

    Email us at [email protected] To place an order or to just ask a question!

    If you are ordering straight run leave the pullet/cockerel areas blank or vise versa.

    Copy and paste the following:




    Desired Pickup Date:

    Number of Rhode Island Reds:



    Straight Run:

    Number of California Whites:



    Straight Run:

    Additional Information:

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