Camping Breakfast

  1. Sunny the Hippie Chick

    1-lb. bacon
    1 2-lb. bag frozen O'Brian potatoes
    8-10 eggs

    Cooking Instructions

    Cut bacon into pieces, place in a large sauce pan and fry it. As soon as bacon is done add the frozen O'Brian Potatoes. Do not drain the bacon grease. Cook until done, stir often. While that is cooking, in separate bowl, mix eggs with a little bit of milk. After potatoes are done, add the eggs and constantly stir until the eggs are done. Serve hot. Pepper and Salt to taste.

    Note: I have no idea what to call this meal. My family made this on our last camping trip. Now the kids ask for it all the time. Easy because it only uses one frying pan. I have never made this meal with less than 6 eggs and no more than 12 eggs. Depends on the amount of people eating it, use 2-3 eggs for each person.

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  1. hispoptart
    We make something very similar to this and serve it with tortillas and salsa.
  2. rillgal
    I make something similar to this when we camp but I add onions and throw a generous handful of cheese on when I serve it! YUMMY
  3. RoosterPecked
    Sounds delicious! I have also used sausage and green onion in my recipe and then added shredded cheddar cheese on top and let it melt before serving.
  4. reksat
    This is simular to what we do when we go camping but we add onions and green peppers. Delicious
  5. BlueLacePrincess
    This sounds like what my mom used to make when we would camp in the dessert. Best breakfast in the world! I remember she would take the eggs in a tupperware rolling pin that had an opening to store the eggs in.

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