Campobello South Carolina Chicken Ordinance

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    campobello South Carolina Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens Allowednumber not set. code reads...((no production of))
    Roosters AllowedYes
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop Restrictionscode production of
    City/Organization Contact nameTown Hall 208 North Main Street Post Office Box 8 Campobello, SC 29322 Telephone & Fax Phone: 864-468-4545 Fax: 864-472-4149 Email [email protected]
    Additional InformationCHAPTER 3. ANIMALS Editor’s Note. Spartanburg County has assumed the responsibility for animal control for the town, with the exception of Article I and Article II herein. ARTICLE I. BIRD SANCTUARY This article derives from the 1976 South Carolina Code of Laws, §5-7-30, Title 6, Chapter 3 of the 1976 Campobello Town Code. 3.101. ESTABLISHED. The entire area embraced within the corporate limits is hereby designated a bird sanctuary. 3.102. MOLESTING OR CONTROL OF BIRDS. a. It shall be unlawful to trap, hunt, shoot or attempt to shoot or molest in any way or manner any wild fowl or bird, or to rob bird nests or wild fowl nests. Provided, however, if starlings or similar birds are found to congregate in such numbers in a particular locality that they constitute a menace or nuisance to health or property in the opinion of the proper authorities of the town then, in such event, the town authorities shall meet with representatives of the Audubon Society, Bird Club, Garden Club or Humane Society, or as many of said clubs as are found to exist in the town, after having been given at least three (3) days actual notice of the time and place of meeting to the representatives of said clubs. b. If, as a result of said meeting, no satisfactory alternative is found to abate the nuisance, then the birds may be destroyed in such numbers and in such manner as is deemed advisable by the authorities under the supervision of the Chief of Police. ARTICLE II. ANIMALS GENERALLY This article derives from Title 47, of the 1976 South Carolina Code of Laws; the 1976 Campobello Town Code; and generally accepted municipal practices. 3.201. CATTLE, POULTRY, ETC. PROHIBITED. All persons, firms, corporations or business enterprises of any nature are here prohibited from keeping, raising or engaging in the production of horses, mules, donkeys, swine, sheep, goats or any cattle or any other animal of any description, or poultry, or the operation of any livery stable within the town limits to as to constitute an unreasonable invasion of the right of adjacent property owners, particularly by reason of proximity, noise or odor to neighboring premises. Any existing animals prior to the adoption of this code shall be allowed to remain on their premises depending on complaints of adjacent property owners. No additional animals will be allowed to be brought in on premises for the purpose of replacing existing animals. *See amended ordinance 3.209 (9-26-03) 3.202. ANIMALS AT LARGE PROHIBITED AND UNDER RESTRAINT. It shall be unlawful for the owner or person in charge of any livestock, fowl or domestic animal to allow such animal or fowl to run at large off the owner’s premises. All pets must be kept under restraint by means of chain, leash or other restraining device, or sufficiently near to the owner or handler to be under the direct control and obedience to commands of the owner or handler, or within a vehicle being driven or parked. 3.203. IMPOUNDING. All domestic animals, fowl, any livestock, or other animals construed as pets shall be impounded by the Campobello Police Department and maintained in a proper environment until such time as any issues regarding the animal has been disposed of with the owner of said animal or possession has been transferred to the Spartanburg Country Animal Control Department or local humane society. 3.204 DEAD ANIMALS a. The bodies of dead animals shall be disposed of by the owner or other person having control thereof by burial or other means consistent with good health and sanitation practices. In no case shall such a person allow any dead animal to remain un-disposed of for a period greater than twenty-four (24) hours. b. It shall be unlawful for any person, partnership or corporate entity or other organization or enterprise to deposit, place or dispose of any animal carcass or part thereof in any trash can, dumpster, or other garbage or trash receptacle serviced by The Town of Campobello, or in other trash, garbage or receptacle not serviced by the Town of Campobello if said receptacle is not attended to in such a fashion as to prevent noxious odors or the attraction of scavenging animals, birds and/or insects so as to make said receptacle a nuisance to the citizens of the community. 3.205. DESTRUCTION. Whenever the County Board of Health or the County Health Department shall serve public notice requiring the owners of cats, dogs and other per animals specified to confine such cats, dogs or other pet animals to prevent the spread of rabies in any area embracing the town, officers of the town may destroy any such animals not confined, as required by such notice. 3.206. NUISANCES. Any fowl, bird or animal which shall by sound, odor or sight materially interfere with or affect the health, comfort, peace or quiet of the people is hereby declared to be a nuisance. 3.207. FAILURE TO ABATE NUISANCES. Any person harboring, keeping, possessing or having in custody or control any fowl, bird or animal which constitutes a nuisance as defined in this Chapter, who shall fail or refuse to take such action or do such things as will abate such nuisance when requested in writing to do so by the Chief of Police, shall upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor. 3.208. ANIMAL CRUELTY. The animal control officer or Campobello Police Department shall investigate all complaints of cruelty to or abandonment of animals and shall take lawful action in reference to such cruelty or abandonment pursuant to the laws of the State. The improper care of any pet or animal shall include but not be limited to feeding, sheltering, treatment, and medical attention. 3.209 Animals Amended TO AMEND THE CODE OF THE TOWN OF CAMPOBELLO, SOUTH CAROLINA, TO AMEND CHAPTER 3, ARTICLE II, SECTION 3.201 BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and members of Council of the Town of Campobello, South Carolina, in council assembled: Section 1 The Code of the Town of Campobello is amended to add the following Section to Chapter 3, Article II. Section 2 Said Section shall read as follows: 3.209 Amended - Cattle, Poultry, Etc. Section 3.201 prohibiting all persons, firms, Corporations or business enterprises of any nature from keeping, raising or engaging in the production of horses, mules, donkeys, swine, sheep, goats, or any cattle or any other animal of any description, or poultry, or the operation of any livery stable within the town limits shall be amended to property of less than three acres in size. Property of three acres in size and larger shall be exempt from the animal restrictions.
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