Can anyone tell me the breed

By Want to learn · Apr 3, 2015 · ·
  1. Want to learn
    I sure could use your advise. I'm new to this site. Im trying to identify the breed of my chicks? How do I post the pics?

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  1. PluckyClucker99
    As for inserting an image, when you start a new thread, right and down slightly of where it says "Size" there will be a box that has two mountains and a sun. Click on that, and either upload an image directly from you computer or copy and paste an image url where it says to.
  2. PluckyClucker99
    I second the above post. You should create a thread under Forum --> Chicken Breeds --> What Breed or Gender is This? There are lots of helpful people on that forum.
  3. Twistedfeather
    What's going to be better for you is if you put this on a forum. Forums have the option of placing pic and it's really easy to find.

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