Can my hen hatch turkey eggs?

By ChenaultHens · Sep 10, 2019 · ·
  1. ChenaultHens
    I have a total of 9 hens, some of which have shown desperate signs of wanting to be a mother but their broodiness only last a couple of days and will be on and off very frequently. My brother in law gave me 6 fertilized turkey eggs- my only problem, when I got home, she decided her bum was sore for sitting for the last few days and is now not interested in being a mom. (Good grief, woman) Anyways, I’ve moved the turkey eggs to the most private nest and curtained part of the opening to entice someone to sit. Is there anything else I can do to encourage whichever to sit on them? I have just about every generic breed (Orpington, Leghorn, RIR, game, etc.) I know Orpingtons are more likely to be broody but surprisingly, it’s the game hens who show interest in motherhood.

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  1. EggWalrus
    All my Game birds have stayed broody more than any other breed I've had, including Silkies. Just as soon as one gets a clutch of eggs, she become broody. If I don't move her and the eggs to a broody house, she infects the other hens. :gig Broodiness Is Infectious! :lau
  2. BReeder!
    This would be a great question for the incubating threads. However, I have heard of this being done. Turkey and chicken eggs have very similar requirements for incubating, the major difference being turkey eggs take an extra week (28 days instead of 21). Hens don't really have much of an internal clock for hatching eggs though from what I understand. I think they use their senses to tell when the egg is ready to hatch, so they may very sit sit that extra week.
  3. Yorkshire Coop
    1. ChenaultHens
      I had actually meant to post it there so I’m not sure how it found it’s way here. Ugh.

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