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    I live in Northwest Florida with my husband Bill. We have 2 boxers, 2 cats, 2 roosters, and 28 hens. We have several different breeds of chickens Barred Rock rooster, Wyandotte, 2 RIR, 7 Buff Or, 1 Austolorps, 1 copper headed maran, 2 bantam/quails, 2 silkie, 1 polish, 2 bantam standard, 2 fizzle/cochin, 5 chicks born12-21-11, 3 chicks born 3-5-12,

    I am fairly new to owning chickens and have suffered some pretty tragic issues with my chickens. I have lost three from dog attacks and 3 from some type of URI. However, I am currently on the rebound with my chickens.

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  1. Kate1
    I live in Navarre and spend time in Cantonment regularly. I just got chickens and had a coop built. The chicks are only a month old and are still in the brooder. Are you a member of the Northwest Florida Poultry Club based in Cantonment? Will you be visiting the Poultry Show this weekend at the Fairgrounds? I plan on being at the show and meeting the President who raises Australorps. He said he will sell me two pullets as soon as they are old enough to sex. Nice to find someone local on the site.

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