I live in Northwest Florida with my husband Bill. We have 2 boxers, 2 cats, 2 roosters, and 28 hens. We have several different breeds of chickens Barred Rock rooster, Wyandotte, 2 RIR, 7 Buff Or, 1 Austolorps, 1 copper headed maran, 2 bantam/quails, 2 silkie, 1 polish, 2 bantam standard, 2 fizzle/cochin, 5 chicks born12-21-11, 3 chicks born 3-5-12,

I am fairly new to owning chickens and have suffered some pretty tragic issues with my chickens. I have lost three from dog attacks and 3 from some type of URI. However, I am currently on the rebound with my chickens.