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By caohorse · May 27, 2015 · Updated May 27, 2015 ·
  1. caohorse
    Hey everyone! I am back! Lots of things have happened, but I just bought my own 5 acre ranch and can now have roos and chickens of all kind :) I am getting back in to swaps and hopefully will have a bigger and larger flock! I HAVE swapped many times years back so please be patient while I figure things out, haha.

    What I have to swap:
    3 Q-Flexes.
    Lots of horse tack (PM me for availability).

    Yup, that's it. Why? Because I am too lazy to make anything myself [​IMG] If you don't know what the Q-Flex is, please head on over to and check it out! I am ALWAYS open to side swaps, never hesitate to ask.

    I ship out via priority mail and print out shipping labels the day the swap is confirmed. The post office will pick it up within 2-3 days :)

    Anything blue or lavender

    -Any color
    -Any color
    Silkies! Always!:
    Golden Seabrights

    Thank you!

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