Wife and I and 2 young sons live in the Virgin Islands. Most supermarket food is shipped in and expensive, so the concept of chickens as a family project and a steady supply of fresh eggs was attractive to us all.
Building a 5'x8' chix tractor was planned as a 2 weekend project, 5 weeks later finally finished the Pullet Palace.
Feb 2010 - Chix adventure begins with 1 RIR, 1 Black Australorp, 2 Rocks, 2 EE's and 2 Bantams.
The 7 dogs are far too attracted to the flock, they yap, drool and dig at the coop when no ones looking, took another month but we cleared & fenced a 30'x50' area and put tractor/coop inside and leave the coop door open 24/7, the birds are much happier and the dogs have all but forgotten them, harmony has been restored.
May 2010 - First eggs! 2 of the 8 girls hit 20 weeks, the rest are 17 weeks, so just a couple so far.
One of the EE's has been a suspect roo for a while, and he recently confirmed this by starting to chase and mount everyone, the beginnings of a morning crow has been reported.
Our bad boy @ 18 weeks