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By Flaming Chicken · May 1, 2012 · Updated Oct 30, 2012 ·
  1. Flaming Chicken
    Somehow a list of chicken breeds and posts on a few forums can't describe this journey that my chickens lead me on. Come back and visit as I develop this "Blog", this story of my family, critters and my chicken obsession
    We actually started with horses. As a child, I developed a love for animals. My parents had a passion for sailboats and much of our time and energy was spent on the boats and the water. I had a dream of having an aviary full of exotic birds. Once moved onto dry land I began raising finches. After college, I began riding horses and later when I married my husband we searched for a home on property where we could live and keep the horse. We were led to our property by a series of events and coincidences. A few years later our daughter followed. Our neighbor Sue had a chicken coop built and my little daughter and I would walk up the road every day to feed her chickens grapes. Soon my husband suggested building our own coop, so he and my 3 year old daughter converted our horse shelter into a chicken coop. I brought our first chicks home from the feed store. I was so amazed when we actually got our first egg! Each year I would search for new and different breeds of chickens until I found myself buying straight from the breeders. Now I look for rare heritage breeds and auto sexing breeds. The auto sexing being ideal for homesteaders. I currently have cream Legbars and Breda fowl as some of my newest additions. I hope to add rhodebar in the future. I still have the horse and my exotic aviary has actually turned out to be a chicken coop.

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