In our case of Chickendom, We are now considering continuing flocks of Rarer birds. If not continued the breeds have short lives and may dwindle in very short time frames. Our interest Centers on the very clean and impressive Appenzeller Spitzhaben, and the Eagle like face of the Americana. That is currently our focus, we are so impressed with these breeds. We also have some very social Speckled Sussex, that tickle us pink with their daily antics. I was formerly interested in Brahmas and Buff Orpingtons, Which we are still raising raising now.
We started raising birds for table fair and eggs, and are already quite successful at marketing Ranged Eggs. This pays for the feed, and housing built creatively of recycled lumber and building materials. We rely on tractor coops that are moved frequently, for new forage, as we live in an almost Urban area, that is loaded with Fox,Coyote,possum,Racoon, Hawks, Owl, and city Dogs, for predators. So there is a major security problem, that we are vigilant on.

We are now beginning our second spring, and have some 40 replacement chicks, 5 Ea. of Buff Orp, Speckled Sussex, and Barred Rock. We added a hatchery cleanout of 25 mixed chicks, some are feather footed. I have created several chicken houses, and torn down last years makeshift pen, for the materials to build another 8x16 barn, just for chicken housing. I have built an incubator from a Coleman cooler, and am eggcited to use it for the first time. The rarer breeds are not available to us at sane costs, but we will manage.