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Welcome to my Araucana page

Specializing in rumpless tufted araucanas
I wanted araucana's for their blue eggs. I started out with Easter Eggers since they were very easy to find. Then after much research I purchased two roosters and six hens and decided several hundred dollars later that I would be kind to my husband and his vanishing pocket book and hatch my own flock. It has become an addiction. I hatch chicks just about every week.

I have hatching eggs available weather permitting. $ 25.00 dzn. w/$ 17.00 Freight

My Breeding Pens:

Tufted splash roo over splash and blue hens.

A double tufted blue roo over blue and splash hens.
A clean faced duckwing roo over blue and duckwing hens.
A clean faced blue/gold roo over no one. He is waiting for his double tufted pullets to grow up.

Araucanas are a facinating breed of chicken. They lay blue to blue green eggs, are rumpless, and ideally have tufts of feathers
on their cheeks. Two copies of the tufting gene causes death before the chick hatches 99.9% of the time. (I have heard of
someone who has a homozygous tufted araucana roo.) There are a few accepted colors in the APA standards and yet the araucana comes in
many non standard colors.

I have several splash colored birds ( non-standard color )

I also have a few blue colored birds ( non-standard color)

My favorite color is the duckwing color