Catawbas Coturnix Quails

By monarc23 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. monarc23

    20+ hatching eggs of any variety I have or assorted for $20 which includes shipping via UPS with tracking #. Eggs are wrapped individually and packaged with care. Should start selling in March 09'.
    Colors I offer
    Jumbo Brown
    Golden (mostly jumbos)
    Dark Tibetan (not all are dark yet, but that's my goal an almost black looking bird)
    Tuxedo (working on dark in them as well eventually, right now focusing on nice markings)
    A & M (largest bird is a little over 12 oz she lays HUGE eggs)

    for now you can visit or email me at or call or text me at 724-422-9971 for any future orders or questions.

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