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Catcobb1983s Page

  1. CatCobb1983
    Cobb's Farm
    I'm running a special... I got incubators poping out with baby chicks everyday.I've got Big Reds, Barred Rocks, White Rocks, Buff Reds, Cornish X, and HUGE Silver Laced Black Giants that weigh up to 16 pounds.I mix them up and would be able to send out with in a week .They will be day old baby chicks.Better hurry before there all gone...
    100 Baby chicks $80.00 w/shipping
    50 Baby chicks $60.00 w/shipping
    25 Baby chicks $40.00 w/shipping
    Shipping is only in USA
    I take pay pal, money orders, and personal checks.
    When I get the money confirmed thats when process will start..
    So put in your orders there going fast!!!
    PM or e-mail me!!!!! :D
    [email protected]

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