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Duckling care, brooder ideas and the Ancona breed
This is a basic guide for the Incubation and Hatching of Muscovy Eggs
A guide to keeping Muscovy ducks
Here is a list of issues/problems that commonly occur with Muscovy Ducks & also tips on how to deal with or treat them.
My garden needs 3 things to flourish 1. Fertilizer 2. Water 3. Pest control. These are all provided by Ducks in the Garden.
So you have decided that you want ducks. Good decision! But you need to be prepared for the special challenges that raising ducks include. I have two "flocks" of ducks. One that I call my adult...
So, this story starts with my neighbors wanting to get rid of an old dilapidated boat. She just wanted it out of their yard. It had a good motor and trailer (which my dear darling hubby was...
This article covers everything you need to know about raising ducklings to ducks.
Ducks are wonderful animals, They are great egg layers, meat birds and companions. Although they may seem easy to care for, there is more to ducks than meets the eye.
Here is an interesting topic, it has been long debated that the Muscovy duck's name is incorrect and that it is more closely related to a goose or it deserves to be in it's own group of...
So you want to show ducks? Awesome!! I’ve been showing since 2017 starting with mallards now also showing muscovies. Here’s how you start:
Mallard Derived Duck Color Genetics Basics Ducks have come a long way since they were first domesticated from mallards and now come in many beautiful colors. This article will explore how the...

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