Injuries, Diseases, & Cures

Like any living thing, chickens can be hurt & get sick. This section has articles on some of the most common health-related issues and how to prevent and solve them.

Avian pox is a relatively slow-spreading viral disease in birds, characterized by wart-like nodules on the skin and diphtheritic necrotic membranes lining the mouth and upper respiratory system.
Coccidia are a microscopic parasitic organism that infect poultry when ingested by the chicken.
Instructions on how to trim nails, beaks, spurs and dub your chickens comb, earlobes and wattles.
A list of information and Frequently Asked Questions about Marek's disease of chickens, as told from a backyard hobbyist point of view.
Vent Gleet is a chronic disease of the cloaca, also called the "vent" ,"butt", or as my 5 year old sons suggests "The Tweeter".
This is a plain and simple Article without too much technical mumbo jumbo created for an easy guide for Chicken Enthusiasts whom would like to see a hands on method of correction of Leg Splay....
Harley with West Nile virus.
There's that question!! It's at the end of every order for chicks purchased from a hatchery, and even from some small hobby farms. The Marek's vaccination? Should I get it? What, exactly, is...
Why are my hens not laying? Some common causes.
Marek's disease is a form of herpes virus that can infect domestic poultry and a few wild birds. In chickens, the virus can rapidly cause cancer to grow all through the chicken, most commonly in...
This is for people who don't want their chickens to feel pain while trying to treat bumblefoot, and I know that I copied a article, but some people don't know about it so I posted it on here....
A couple chicken problems and how to fix them
Possible clinical signs of nonrespiratory bacterial diseases of poultry.
Learn more about Mareks disease.
Marek's is caused by a virus in the Herpes group and it's lesions are commonly seen in the kidneys, spleen and liver.
Possible clinical signs for common nonrespiratory viral diseases of poultry.

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